Call me Rou. Or Eroula. I go by both :).

My heart, soul, and happiness are my three incredible children. They are my world and everything else comes second. Watching my children grow is fascinating and exciting as well as so very sad. Life moves far too quickly and we have to embrace so many changes throughout it.  I can not freeze them in time, but I can lock them in a memory at every stage along the way. Photos are so special in this way. They allow you to create memories, tell stories, and forever keep a visual of the most treasured things in your life. 

I have loved capturing moments in life through photography for as long as I can remember. I got my first camera when I was in elementary school and have been shutter happy ever since. There is nothing like looking at a special photograph and remembering that moment or wondering about its story.  It is so important to document our lives--not only for ourselves, but for our children and generations to come. We never know when the next change in our life will be so we ought to savor the now as best we can. Our memories aren't always as clear as time goes by, it is so special to be able to look back at ourselves and remember a time in our life. I think it's important to document our lives both in good times and bad.  

I always planned on going to art school but I instead graduated from NYU with a BA in communication studies and went off to work in online marketing. I was content doing something that allowed me to use creative thinking but dreamed of doing something that allowed me to visually create using my artistic ability and felt unfulfilled.  But then came the first of my three greatest creations and I made the amazing and life altering decision to commit myself to being a full time mom.  Like most new moms, my camera was in my hand nearly as much as my baby was. I didn't want to miss a moment.  My passion for photography continued to develop as more than just a shutter happy hobby. I became enraptured by the ability to produce not just a memory but a photo, a visual way to connect to one of the many fleeting moments that pass us by. I love creating beautiful images, being able to connect to my subjects within the photograph,  and more so, I love showing people how I see them through my eyes. 

I utilize natural light and capture just about everything. I'm less focused on props and more focused on capturing emotion and real moments. There's a story to be told in everyone, let's capture it together.