breast cancer awareness month

October - a month so heavily associated with Halloween, costumes, and monsters.  But also a month to remember a  monster we can't cover up with a mask.  A real monster that so many people face.  Breast cancer.  

Some beat it, many are defeated by it.  For an estimated 40,000 who will die from it in 2014, this monster has intruded into their lives.

To honor them and a very special woman who I hold dear to my heart and am lucky to call family, for every shoot BOOKED in the month of October, I will DONATE 10% of all profits to Susan G Komen to help in the continuing fight against breast cancer.  The actual shoot can take place any time until the end of 2015.

Thank you for your support - this is for all the women and men suffering from breast cancer.  They are not alone in their fight.