document one's self

I have always loved looking back at old photos-mine, my mom's, my grandma's. I would go to their houses and take out their albums and look at photos over and over again. I loved getting to look back at photos of my mom when she was younger and get to see how she looked at every stage of her life. I loved seeing the way she dressed, her hair, and even her mood--I'd wonder why she looked so serious in some or what made her smile in that way in others.  Nowadays we are all camera happy with our iPhones and have a ton of selfies in front of mirrors or with wacky snapchat filters. But I wonder how it will be to look back on those kind of photos. Having real photos is a treasure. Being the picture taker often leaves me documented the least. Sometimes I get jealous of my clients' after I give them photos of them and their families and I just want to be in some photos like that. Actually as awkward as I feel when other people take my photo for whatever reason I have always loved taking pictures of myself. Since I was in 6th grade I would get dressed up and use my camera's self timer to take photos of myself. My mother can attest to the rolls and rolls of film I'd have her get developed of me in all sorts of wacky outfits. Sounds silly, I know. But they are fun to look back at. So these days I don't do that all too often but I do once in a while want to be in front of my own lens and capture myself and my emotions and have photos for myself and my kids to one day look back at and remember me at that point in time. They really are nice to have. I'd suggest to anyone to make sure to document themselves regularly or even book a shoot for themselves and have a visual to tell their story.