culture and tradition

I love learning the traditions of different cultures. I've had the pleasure of attending a couple of Korean 1st birthday celebrations. The are no joke. Not your typical kids party. These parties are a full on event. Friends and family gather as most friends and family do to celebrate the baby closing their first special year of life, but it is more of a formal affair with a ceremony included. The parents (usually the mom) and the baby also wear two sets of clothes--one special outfit and one traditional Korean outfit--the mom's outfit and baby's outfit match in colors as well. Supposedly the colors of the traditional Korean dress for a woman change depending on her age, marital status, etc. But I am no expert. The ceremony at the 1st birthday party is called a Dol. The baby is placed in front of several items and the one they choose supposedly determines their fate later in life. The guests all make guesses on which they think it will be. Very cool stuff! Here are a few of one from this past weekend. The event was designed by the fabulous Angie of and the delicious cake by Christine from