ooooooh baby

This baby did not want to sleep! I arrived at this family's home and the baby was sleeping. I started taking a couple of shots and within 2 minutes she woke up and that was it! We tried everything but she just wanted to be part of the action. It happens! I always go with the flow of the newborns. We go along with their schedule and if being posed and positioned is not on their agenda we work around it. This time we got to get a lot more lifestyle shots and I happen to really love lifestyle shots especially when it comes to newborn sessions--theres so much emotion to capture and looking back on these kind of photos is pretty special. This couple was super sweet and awesome to work with . And Dads, take note! This guy was Super Dad and was super involved in all the care taking and even diaper changing and bonus: he kept humming the theme song of Indiana Jones to sooth his little girl, so SWEET!!!