8 years of motherhood

My big girl is 8 today!!!! Man its crazy how fast these years go by. It has been 8 whole years since I'd spend my days holding this little baby with a beautiful round head on my chest for hours. All the older ladies would tell me to stop holding her so much and not to get her used to being in my arms. Well I sure am glad I never listened to them because I held that little baby as much as I could possibly hold her because I knew those days wouldn't be forever. Those days were the best. I had not a single other care in the world just one little baby that I could give all my time and attention to. She has grown up to be quite a special girl and I am pretty damn proud to be her momma. She is bright, considerate, funny, kind, a strong leader, pretty goofy, and just damn awesome. She is an old soul like her momma and has a really good heart. Here are some shots we took, she requested I get her roller skates after seeing a recent shoot of mine. Love my girl,