How fun was Halloween as a kid?! An exciting day of candy, costumes, staying out late, and trick or treating. It doesn't seem as fun anymore as it did when I was a kid. Maybe it is because I am not a kid anymore, or maybe it is because things aren't as laid back as they used to be? I used to see tons and tons of kids trick or treating and they would be doing it all night. Now its not as many. At any rate, my kids still seem to think Halloween is the greatest day ever. They love it! This year they chose to be the cast of Frozen. My oldest got away with 2 costumes this year since she had a birthday Halloween party so she was both Elsa and Anna. 

a beautiful time in life

Pregnancy can be so inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. But even so, it is still such a beautiful time in life. A human is growing inside that big belly thats throwing your balance off and making you waddle--isn't that amazing!? It is a chapter in life that doesn't last forever and it should really be treasured. As women we give all of ourselves to our children right from the start--mind, body, and soul. They grow and grow and grow and there is a point that we wish we could just have them back in our bellies. This pregnant momma is just stunning. We were in Central Park and so many people stopped to tell her how gorgeous she looked. People love pregnant people--it's amazing how kind people are when you are pregnant!!

my meli girl

My sweet Meli girl turned 5 today. This little girl made me a momma a whole hand of years ago. Was the best day of my life. Her nick name Meli means honey in Greek which is so suiting considering her super sweet and kind little big heart. Gosh I love this kid. She never ceases to amaze me with her sweetness and beauty. I wish her a ton of sweetness and happiness in her life. 


breast cancer awareness month

October - a month so heavily associated with Halloween, costumes, and monsters.  But also a month to remember a  monster we can't cover up with a mask.  A real monster that so many people face.  Breast cancer.  

Some beat it, many are defeated by it.  For an estimated 40,000 who will die from it in 2014, this monster has intruded into their lives.

To honor them and a very special woman who I hold dear to my heart and am lucky to call family, for every shoot BOOKED in the month of October, I will DONATE 10% of all profits to Susan G Komen to help in the continuing fight against breast cancer.  The actual shoot can take place any time until the end of 2015.

Thank you for your support - this is for all the women and men suffering from breast cancer.  They are not alone in their fight.  

culture and tradition

I love learning the traditions of different cultures. I've had the pleasure of attending a couple of Korean 1st birthday celebrations. The are no joke. Not your typical kids party. These parties are a full on event. Friends and family gather as most friends and family do to celebrate the baby closing their first special year of life, but it is more of a formal affair with a ceremony included. The parents (usually the mom) and the baby also wear two sets of clothes--one special outfit and one traditional Korean outfit--the mom's outfit and baby's outfit match in colors as well. Supposedly the colors of the traditional Korean dress for a woman change depending on her age, marital status, etc. But I am no expert. The ceremony at the 1st birthday party is called a Dol. The baby is placed in front of several items and the one they choose supposedly determines their fate later in life. The guests all make guesses on which they think it will be. Very cool stuff! Here are a few of one from this past weekend. The event was designed by the fabulous Angie of www.Angiandco.com and the delicious cake by Christine from www.cakesbychristineny.com