Officer Johnny

My little guy had SUCH an awesome day. I wanted to take a simple photo of him in front of the police cars at the Englewood Cliffs Police Station and they went above and beyond and let him go in their car, play with the sirens and all the buttons, tour the jail cells, talk to the detective and chief, see how the computers work when a 911 call comes thru, sit on the motorcycle, and even walk away with some goodies. He was THRILLED!!! SO much fun.

8 years of motherhood

My big girl is 8 today!!!! Man its crazy how fast these years go by. It has been 8 whole years since I'd spend my days holding this little baby with a beautiful round head on my chest for hours. All the older ladies would tell me to stop holding her so much and not to get her used to being in my arms. Well I sure am glad I never listened to them because I held that little baby as much as I could possibly hold her because I knew those days wouldn't be forever. Those days were the best. I had not a single other care in the world just one little baby that I could give all my time and attention to. She has grown up to be quite a special girl and I am pretty damn proud to be her momma. She is bright, considerate, funny, kind, a strong leader, pretty goofy, and just damn awesome. She is an old soul like her momma and has a really good heart. Here are some shots we took, she requested I get her roller skates after seeing a recent shoot of mine. Love my girl,

ooooooh baby

This baby did not want to sleep! I arrived at this family's home and the baby was sleeping. I started taking a couple of shots and within 2 minutes she woke up and that was it! We tried everything but she just wanted to be part of the action. It happens! I always go with the flow of the newborns. We go along with their schedule and if being posed and positioned is not on their agenda we work around it. This time we got to get a lot more lifestyle shots and I happen to really love lifestyle shots especially when it comes to newborn sessions--theres so much emotion to capture and looking back on these kind of photos is pretty special. This couple was super sweet and awesome to work with . And Dads, take note! This guy was Super Dad and was super involved in all the care taking and even diaper changing and bonus: he kept humming the theme song of Indiana Jones to sooth his little girl, so SWEET!!!

baby love, my baby love

Seriously, the baby making days are the best and happiest days ever. While I wouldn't want to go back there I certainly do miss them. There is something so incredible about bringing a new baby home. Their tiny toes and little hands, their yummy smell, their tiny little cry...All so special. Those days were exhausting I will admit and sleep seemed like it would never again be in my future. But dealing with a baby that just wants to be held seems far simpler now than dealing with older kid needs! I love capturing growing families as they welcome new babies into their homes and adjust to the new dynamic. Its nice to see when older siblings like this little guy are super excited for their new sibling and just want to help and hold them. And, not only was this little baby so cute but she was sleepy and didn't cry a peep! So much love here...

fashion shoot

Recently got to shoot a behind the scenes during a photo shoot for Amur, a really awesome clothing line that has beautiful designs using resources that are mindful for the environment. The shoot was in an artist's home on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and it was probably one of the coolest places EVER. Every room had its own unique style and there were random but super cool pieces of art everywhere. Here are shots from the day including some detail shots of the place itself. Such inspiration all around. I was in HEAVEN.

a new baby

Funny how having another baby changes everything and yet once they are here you can't imagine what life was like before them. I always like watching families as they grow and capturing their new family dynamic. My baby days are over but at least I get to live vicariously through clients and get my fix now and then. :)

document one's self

I have always loved looking back at old photos-mine, my mom's, my grandma's. I would go to their houses and take out their albums and look at photos over and over again. I loved getting to look back at photos of my mom when she was younger and get to see how she looked at every stage of her life. I loved seeing the way she dressed, her hair, and even her mood--I'd wonder why she looked so serious in some or what made her smile in that way in others.  Nowadays we are all camera happy with our iPhones and have a ton of selfies in front of mirrors or with wacky snapchat filters. But I wonder how it will be to look back on those kind of photos. Having real photos is a treasure. Being the picture taker often leaves me documented the least. Sometimes I get jealous of my clients' after I give them photos of them and their families and I just want to be in some photos like that. Actually as awkward as I feel when other people take my photo for whatever reason I have always loved taking pictures of myself. Since I was in 6th grade I would get dressed up and use my camera's self timer to take photos of myself. My mother can attest to the rolls and rolls of film I'd have her get developed of me in all sorts of wacky outfits. Sounds silly, I know. But they are fun to look back at. So these days I don't do that all too often but I do once in a while want to be in front of my own lens and capture myself and my emotions and have photos for myself and my kids to one day look back at and remember me at that point in time. They really are nice to have. I'd suggest to anyone to make sure to document themselves regularly or even book a shoot for themselves and have a visual to tell their story.  

whats your story

Let's see if I can keep up with this blogging thing again. I have a passion for capturing souls and emotions. I've been experimenting with shoots that allow me to do just that and really let my vision come to life. Hope you like them. Here is one from over the summer. My gorgeous muse in Greece.


So I've really fallen in love with the fitness world. I began working out regularly almost 2 years ago and what began as a healthy habit turned into a fascination of what your body can do if you keep pushing. Getting stronger is an addiction. I've met a lot of people and have had some fun doing lots of fitness shoots. I love coming up with wacky ideas for them to do to demonstrate their strength on camera. This shoot was with Michelle who is beautiful, strong as hell, and also a super bendy yogi. We had lots of fun and she was willing to do all sorts of craziness including climbing a rusty iron post in the Hudson River and doing an arm balance on it.